China Unicom’s ZTE Blade V880 Review

ZTE Blade V880

Well, just another android stuff: ZTE Blade V880 – the first 3G Internet phone models that came off from China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd, and Apple Inc’s official partner in the country. Probably you’ve never heard of ZTE, but you’ve definitely come across this handset without knowing if you happen to reside in one of those countries, mobile operator from France, Orange commands huge presence – like in the UK.

ZTE blade for example is branded San Francisco by Orange. Actually, ZTE only releases limited amount of handsets under its own brand name, including the one that we feature today, the Blade V880. Chiefly, the Android-powered smartphone is yet to find a home for the ZTE Blade. In fact, ZTE confirmed that it’s already in talks with major regional U.S. carriers to find the Blade a home.

Plastic, but cordial plastic…

Of course, you won’t find top-notch smartphones in plastic casing these days (it’s all about metal these days). But does these mean that plastic phones are of low-quality finishes? Well, the blade that is made entirely on plastic is of quality finish, it actually feels lovely when you hold it; and its like it was build to prove many wrong regarding plastic handsets.

Practically, its design nevertheless isn’t rather as compelling, when you look at its physical buttons are few and tiny, which means you’ll have to take more time to navigate through the menu options.

Basic User Interface…

Although, the Blade runs on the basic, untainted version of Android 2.2 (FroYo) with no visual or functional tweaks; the handset appears relatively at ease with heavy apps, like photo editing apps and games apps. But it only sports a 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7227 processor including 256 MB of RAM; so you may also reconsider overloading it with many power-hungry unnecessary apps.

Sure, its screen which we have no hitches to question goes a long way in making up things – thanks to its AMOLED technology, borrowed directly from Samsung and guarantees superior contrast and brightness; including the same color fidelity concerns. The touchscreen we can confidently say works flawlessly well, providing both fast and sufficiently sensitive execution roles.

Video play back (including DivX files) causes no real setback, however its HD is less dependable. Moreover, taking photos and shooting video are not one of the strong points of the blade, since the appealing tucked 3.2-Megapixel camera can’t produce good results. It’s highly exposed to bright or light shades, hence making it to often produce blurred photos.

ZTE Blade V880 Blade’s headphones socket produces a fairly clean output; however you’ll have to include the very basic Android media player for entertaining on the go.

About the blade’s battery life, they really did a great job; you don’t have to worry about the frequent battery warnings after hours of browsing on the internet, since it easily withstands an entire day of usual multimedia smartphone use.

In general, the ZTE blade can’t be listed as a real rival for market heavyweights, but considering it’s a budget friendly phone, and the very neat features it has, indeed answers calls of many aspiring smartphones consumers with no ability to buy expensive smartphones. Despite of its noticeable flaws, it’s a promising start for the little-known manufacturer ZTE. And who knows—maybe ZTE could emerge to be this decade’s respond to HTC.

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Unbranded ZTE Blade 3.5 inch Capacitive 3G Android 2.2 smartphones Built-in GPS
List Price: $349.99
Our Price: $189.99