Dapeng A7 review

What was the display like on your first cellphone? If you’ve been yakking on-the-go as much we have, it was almost certainly barely large enough to take in an entire telephone number — let alone a text message (racking up those huge SMS bills than ever) or even a contact name. What about your first smartphone? Actually displaying leveled-down, Wireless Application Protocol versions of web pages was asking much. Today, those addictive mobile devices have display screens that are way wider and longer. At times, though, we covertly wish they were bigger still.

Dapeng’s new A7 3G smartphone brings those dreams to reality – if you are the obnoxiously big smartphones type, that is. Its 5.0-inch HVGA, capacitive touch screen display is as stunning as it is enormous; those pixels you could only realize with a full-size laptop or a tablet PC can now slip contentedly inside your front jeans pocket.

That jumbo (480 x 800 pixels) display affords Dapeng A7 as an ideal entrant for a notepad stand-in and to be honest, we don’t see any difficulty jotting down notes on the fly, signing docs electronically or marking up screenshots. But could that substantial display be too much of an excellent thing? Let’s find out.

If you were rooting out for a handset that links the gap between smartphone and tablet, you’d imagine having Samsung’s Note. Of course, were are not saying that’s the root were heading to, in any case, that would take a lot of guts; but for Dapeng’s A7, it’s a closely massive Android phone compared to Sum’s 5.3 inch  and a high-resolution pocketable slate rolled to form one.

Well, at that size, not everyone would find it easy to grasp; but for those who can support it, then Dapeng A7 may be the best thing ensued to handheld devices ever since the capacitive touchscreen. Not only will you be able to make phone calls or take notes, but you can also doodle in the middle (or during) conference meetings as well. And the included mic and built-in earpiece, or the Bluetooth headset ensures those calls can be made effortlessly.

5 inch (480 x 800 pixels) in a phone display is pretty a feat, and sure, as exciting to view as it sounds. The Dapeng’s 5.0-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen is amazingly bright, vibrant and thorough.  Right, not really the highest pixel density when compared to the likes of Galaxy Nexus, the Note also trumps it to some extent, as does Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S, nevertheless it’s enough to make those graphics incredibly smooth. Web surfing, photography and graphical experience is quite the treat considering this much visual real estate in your hands to work with.

A apart from its thickness, our only hardware gripe was with its 8.0 Megapixel flashlight camera bulge, and specifically, its protrusion. Since the housing makes the phone not to actually rest flat when placed on a table and when employed in this manner, brings a frustrating rocking result. But, you’ll quickly adjust to not use it in this manner, but it’s an inquisitive oversight that places the shooter– the most delicate part of the phone’s exterior – openly in harm’s way.

The Dapeng A7 comes running Android 2.3.4 with plethora of applications preloaded. The main display houses the browser, calendar camera and the access to phone contacts (though strangely enough, there’s more room for more than eight on the screen). This includes; messaging, music, e-mail and social – with every app offering varied levels of functions. For example, with the browser app you’ll access your bookmarks through a vertical rotating platform of webpage thumbnails, while the email affords you a list of inbox messages, and the social app lets you scroll down a list of new tweets and Facebook posts.

Why beat around the bush? Dapeng’s new A7 3G is undeniably one of the best Android phone offered today in that price range and inches too, period. Sure, we can’t say we are comfortable with the processor – a slightly higher performance levels would have made this smartphone a trendsetter. It’s a great shooter and a work of art. Still, there’s no refuting the fulfilling look and feel, the dazzling display, the excellent battery life – the entire is far greater than a few hitches here and there.


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