Lenovo P70 phone review

Hey, who said we forgot about smartphones? Maybe we did (a little bit) because tablets have been really all over the place lately and you can’t just walk along without kicking a few, that you’d agree. But because of generous requests from our readers, we’ve seen the need to bring back the party; and Lenovo falls culprit as the first contender. We’ve just tipped you on Lenovo’s 4-inch A750 smartphone a while ago. Now, how about a 3.5 incher? Right, Lenovo dropped a household bombshell: P70 3G Dual SIM Smartphone.

Honestly, you won’t be wowed considering the hardware front by the P70. That doesn’t imply that there’s no premium, nor stylish feel, but in a world already tipped with something thin as the Droid RAZR or the iPhone 4, we’re left craving for more. Similarly for handheld devices from Lenovo, nothing really fresh or unique here, as the company’s design hallmarks have been remixed and revised into something neither unpleasant nor exceedingly appealing.

Yet, despite lacking flair, we’ll laud Lenovo for not being economical on materials. Unlike most Android smartphones we’ve seen, it doesn’t have that cheap, weightless, or blatantly plasticky feeling, since the design, regardless of the materials used – are, quite frankly, superior.

The smartphone commands that durability to its unibody construction, which envelops the 3.5-inch display and its three capacitive buttons. Its rubbery plastic feels nice to hold and clever use of tilted angles masks a bit of its girth, which again, half an inch thick edges on portly. On top of that display houses a 0.3 megapixel front-facing webcam and sliced earpiece opening.

The entire unibody frame with the same chunk of plastic- aluminum like wraps around to the P70’s backside, where you’ll find Lenovo’s logo imprinted at the center while at the top section is home to a 5.0 megapixel shooter alongside the top and left edges, a 3.5mm headphone jack, power button, USB charger port and volume rocker respectively.

The face of the device houses its main appeal (and perhaps the brightest spot): the 3.5-inch LCD display. Oh if you didn’t know that’s 320 x 480 pixels of vibrant goodness – ripe with color even at acute angles. At 3.5-inches, it’s a pinch smaller compared to HTC’s EVO and its 3D transformation, of course those gripped with sheer size this won’t be their liking either.

But considering our books, that isn’t bad as lesser quotient implies more crispness, as the resolution is sucked into a reduced amount of room. Right, no jaggies here, actually refreshing bearing in mind the significant amount of AMOLED devices that go through our grimy hands, experience sharpness concerns thanks to their pentile build –achiu…! Excuse.

So what’s it gonna be? Lenovo P70 3G is certainly a solid runner when vying for that Benjamin, while satisfactorily-built, ultimately is a handset trying to play the jack of all trades, and yet emerge as master of nothing. And as plusses take in affordability, superb materials and a dazzling screen, it’s invariably less overcome by downbeats, and that’s where its bargain prowess triumphs. We suppose, if a pocket 3.5 inch Gingerbread smartphone is a must have and you’re dying for a phone touting 3G connectivity, then there’s really any other alternative better than this.

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Lenovo P70 3.5 inch Android 2.3 3G Dual Sim Smartphone Capacitive Multitouch
Lenovo P70 3.5 inch Android 2.3 3G Dual Sim Smartphone Capacitive Multitouch
List Price: $329.99
Our Price: $199.99