Morning Star Venus Pad Shines over Honeycomb Android 3.2

Venus PadWe agree, there’s plethora of Android tablets out there, but you could certainly do a lot better with the Venus Pad, including its Tegra 2 innards – ($369.99) asking price at No problems experienced that we know with its current OS, but appreciatively – a few hackers of goodwill have replaced the Venus’ antiquated Android 3.0 with a heaping lending hand of Honeycomb. Actually, it’s presently an alpha release, so while apps and widgets are working well; screen rotation, camera capabilities, web-surfing on WiFi, and nearly everything else is inclusive. Sure, there’s still much work that needs to be done, but seeing Venus running creamy smooth Android 3.2 with aplomb (even if off the record) makes us think… Wait a minute! Is this a better bargain?

Venus pad accompanies a 10” crisp and smooth capacitive screen. Its display adopts IPS technology that provides advanced color regardless the point of saturation, extreme contrast or stability of color images. The screen reaction to each slide or zoom is remarkably quick – particularly when playing games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and other games; it will definitely bring you more excitement. Sound quality is also satisfactory, although not comparable to a professional media player, but good enough to keep you at ease.

Venus Pad

Venus Pad’s WiFi function is staggering, 802.11 b/g/n connection ensures you surf on web more smoothly. With a Flash 10.3 player preinstalled in it, you can surf any website without any hiccups.  When you open web pages such as Google news via WiFi connection, results are loaded almost instantaneously as you enter. With the support of full HD video playback, Venus Pad can play 1080P video effortlessly. And thanks to the Mini HDMI output, which means it will tickle the pixels satisfactorily on your HDTV.

You’d ague the Venus doesn’t support 3G network, but certainly when you upgrade its 3.0 current android to 3.2, the  middle range tablet PC could provide great results; such as its  display, application support, and video playback.

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Venus Pad Honeycomb android 3.2 Dual Core Tegra2 10.1inch 1GB Ram+8GB
Venus Pad Honeycomb android 3.2 Dual Core Tegra2 10.1inch 1GB Ram+8GB
List Price: $499.99
Our Price: $324.99