Zopo ZP100 review

Sure, it’s a high-end smartphone. As you hanker after those, Zopo is on the skulk, progressively toting up to and improving upon its horde of low-cost offerings. It may not be a formidable force as the HTC EVO, Samsung, Motorolas and the LGs of this world; however the outfit is at last starting to leave a mark thanks to glasses-free 3D experience the Chinese phone maker has embraced. Of course unknown outside Asia, the smartphone manufacturer has itself very busy heading on the shores of Pacific, cranking out low-cost devices to be ultimately embraced by major carriers.

Considering Meri’s asking price of $239.99, it would be too early to let that bargain-basement price tag put you off, though – Zopo got a lot of mojo to back that up. But what should we expect from this budget-friendly phone? Is Zopo finally shoving out a handset that will assist it earn a new height of respect from our patient, reliable consumers? We’re out for what we’re known to do best – take the handset for some vigorous spin (see slide pics above).

As of its exterior, there’s utterly nothing that would make the ZP100 cut above the pack. In reality, you could argue this device as the most “typical-looking” Android smartphone Zopo’s produced –it’s a slab on a 4.3-inch display, the usual plastic construct with all of the customary ports. Luckily the phone tries to break the ennui by adding a few tiny design tweaks (look at the physical touch keys). But as we’re about to discover, good looks isn’t just skin deep; it goes beneath, inside the circuitry, boards including other things concealed beneath the exterior.

To spell out, let’s fluster off a few specs Zopo’s ZP100 features: a 1GHz MT6575 GPU with SGX531T  power, a 512MB RAM+ 4G ROM, 4.3-inch Sharp ASV QHD display, TF-Card internal storage (expandable up to 64GB), 5MP rear camera and a VGA 3.0MP front-facing camera for  those video chat moments. It also adds quadband 2G network (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) GSM / EDGE and triband 3G network (850 / 1900 / 2100). With only a few exceptions, we see its list of specs enticing a large potion of the crowd.

Flanking the handset’s display from the top to bottom are the capacitive navigation buttons – configured in the usual formation (menu, home, back and search respectively). While to the right side of the phone will earn you a closer personal glance volume rocker keys and the shinny power button at the micro-USB charging port. The top of the ZP100 is home to 3.5mm headphone jack. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the prettiest smartphone we’ve ever touched, but at least we’re pleased about Zopo’s dedication to taking design risks just to get noticed.

We’re prepared to take the risk and crown Zopo’s ZP100 as the latest king of low costs handsets. And truly this is the first time we’ve felt proud to whisk out a Zopo phone, and we’re optimistic this is a herald great stuff to come. We’d love to see Zopo’s handsets emerging as the poster kid for entry-level smartphones moving forward – after all, if the tiny Chinese manufacture can do it, so is everyone else.

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Zopo ZP100 4.3 inch Android ICS 4.0 3G Dual Sim Smartphone 960×540 QHD Display GPS 5MP Dual Cam
Zopo ZP100 4.3 inch Android ICS 4.0 3G Dual Sim Smartphone 960×540 QHD Display GPS 5MP Dual Cam
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $199.99
  • Bill

    I wish there were more Android phone choices with 3G for T-Mobile in the US.  Need both 1700 and 2100, but those phones seem tough to find except for those manufactured for T-Mobile.

  • Bill

    Sorry, but T-Mobile in the US will not work with just 2100.  It needs both 1700 and 2100.  (The reason is that they transmit data on 1700 and receive data on 2100.  It doesn’t work at all just 2100.)

  • zopomobilestore

    Now is available Zopo Zp200 3D ufficial store: http://www.zopomobilestore.com/

  • Jhlee

    Does this really have wireless N? I thought the 6575 chip only supports up to G?

    • ZDenis

      It does not have wireless N, we have corrected that on our website, thanks

  • Janas2012

    nice phone

  • Ruby435

    does it have ics? does it have the hebrew language on the ics…it look like this (עברית) ???

  • Halmatfuad

    how can i unlock it after too many pattern attempts?