ZTE U960 Review

A fiercely expected 4.3 inch smartphone sporting 1.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdrogan Adreno 205 MSM8255 processor and a skinned version of Android 2.3 – what would it be if its not the Samsung Galaxy S II, right? Nah! Not on this occurrence, squire. We’re taking of a gander at ZTE’s booth, the U960, a phone that’s just started shipping from our shelves; taking competition to its stablemate the EVO 3D or Moto’s Droid X2, the U960 brings a built-in SiRF III GPS, a 4.3-inch with WVGA, TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen resolution, while also supporting (900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/2100MHz) 2G and 3G networks respectively. That means we are left with loads of newness to examine: let’s get started then.

Before plunging on the inner minutiae of the U960′s construction, let’s begin off addressing its most immediate physical asset: not really big. 4.3-inch smartphones, beginning with ZTE’s own Skate dubbed ‘Monte Carlo, have constantly been remarkable beasts, although beasts is what they’ve been – ungraceful, crude, and rarely tough to handle than a mad carp. ZTE’s new U960 isn’t different. This phone is about 6mm taller, a millimetre thicker, and – at 11.3mm – basically slightly piggy compared to the Blade V880. Get the tape measure away and tussling with the pair corroborates what those figures imply: the 4.3-inch ZTE U960 is almost impossible to differentiate from its more unpretentious family mate.

That’s been realized by contracting of the top and foot bezels framing the screen plus few other adjusts. The same extra-large volume rocker runs on left side, as it is on the Skate, with a micro-USB slot a bit further down. The top of the phone is home to a 3.5mm audio jack pin and a gash for releasing the back cover, while its right side is left unproductive. Also purposefully indistinguishable are the back layouts, with 5.0 megapixel autofocus shooter sitting adjacently to a LED flash and a lone loudspeaker grille. Such design similarities are certainly not coincidental, ZTE believes in that styling and arrangement as a winning recipe and which we utterly agree.

When it comes to display, the U960 brings that extra flourish thanks to its 480 x 800 resolution on a Super LCD screen that falls short to contest the vibrant output or viewing positions of its Super AMOLED Plus rival, but at least upholds an equally hyperbolic branding scheme. The advantage of its WVGA, TFT-LCD is that you get most of everything: your preferred web content will fit more at a time, Gmail displays more content, the calendar has additional agenda items, and you can view more of your contacts, so you won’t be scrolling the phone book much.

Touching on design language, ZTE is a monoglot and enjoying every bit of it. The U960 doesn’t stop with the company’s customary styling, yet it’s understated physical sophistications tally up to make it an absolute pleasure to hold and to operate as well. Connecting these superb ergonomics with the smarphone’s superior battery life and generous WVGA display resolution makes the ZTE U960 a redoubtable foe for Sam’s eminent new flagship.


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  • FlorenceCatherine

    No, it does not have an LED notification system.

  • Katevenis

    How you will proceed with the replacement of touch screen(digitizer) if you have an accident. You can’t find spare parts in the market and the ETOTALK company sells only new phone and not spare parts for the touch screen.

    • FlorenceCatherine

      Please send us the product name and we will look into it and see if we can send a replacement touchscreen for you. Thank you.